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Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is an ancient practice for recovering those parts of our essential selves that have been lost as a result of pain or trauma. Soul Retrieval has been practiced by Shamans for a thousand generations and can achieve in a few sessions what often takes years to achieve in psychotherapy.

During Soul Retrieval, the healer journeys to the Lower World into the domains associated with the Soul that is inhabited by those parts of ourselves that we have disowned. This is what Carl Jung described as the Shadow. The healer visits the four chambers of the Soul to assist the client in discovering the source of his woundedness. The healer will also help him to understand the Soul’s promises that he made even before he was born; to own the source of his passion and bliss; and to discover the Soul’s treasures to bring back into the world.

Soul Retrieval training will give you expertise in exploring the Four Chambered Soul in order to heal past wounds and Soul relationships, bringing the Soul back into its true nature and balance.

Participants learn to develop a luminous body that can journey safely through the domains of the Soul. We learn to engage the archetypal elements and beings that inhabit each of these chambers, and bring healing to ancient soul wounds. We learn to identify, heal, and retrieve parts of ourselves that bring us to completion and wholeness.

We explore and experience the five rites of passage of Soul healing.

1. Emergence - Renewal and regeneration

2. Fire - Purification and transformation through humanity's most ancient rite of passage

3. Rebirth - Return to the pachamama by releasing our biological parents and claiming the universe as our family; discovering the way of the beloved

4. The Luminous Warrior - Life/Death/Life. Achieving the impeccability of the warrior who has conquered and moved beyond the fear of death

5. Deliverance - Returning to spirit by surrendering the self, letting go and returning home

We will experience and translate these mythic passages into contemporary journeys of transformation. In controlled trance states unique to shamanism we will discover realms not bound by ordinary time or domains where one can hear the voices of the ancient ones in the wind, heal one's past, and summon one's highest destiny.


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