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Open Healing Night

The Open Healing Night corresponds to the New Moon phase of the moon and is a very powerful phase. Perhaps it is the dark side of the moon concept of unseen forces that is so mysterious and compelling.

Open Healing Night welcomes the start of another lunar cycle. This is the most opportune time to begin new projects, planting seeds for future development. Open Healing Night is about manifesting our desires, wishes, healing and well-being.

We need to take advantage of every opportunity to ride the waves of momentum created by the cycles of the moon. As Grandmother Moon gains celestial light during the two weeks following the new moon, we ask with clear intent and prayer that our needs be carried throughout the cosmos to Spirit. The Universe fulfills every desire. It is a law of nature. Whatever you think about, you have the ability to bring to fulfillment.

During Open Healing Night, we practice a variety of our medicine traditions. This provides us with a forum for discussion as well as support for any questions or problems that may have arisen from our work and practices. It also provides PHC students the opportunity to practice in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

There is not a set routine for the evening. We go where spirit guides us.

Note: Since we are in ceremony in the ancient traditions, The Open Healing Night is only open to students of the Pachamama Healing Center.

New Moon
Healing Night


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