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Laying of Hands

Laying on of Hands with Stones brings intensified contact with the unique energies of the stones and the Universal healing energies. It assists in connecting the energy flow within the subject and in directing the vital flow, melting energy blocks. Remember well-ness and dis-ease are actions of one's conscious and sub-conscious self.

Crystals are the blossoms of the mineralogical portions of the earth. The recognition of the beauty and the acceptance of the loving energies of these forms can greatly enhance one's personal development. Crystals have been scientifically proven to possess vibratory energies, generate and emit an electrical charge and possess vital energy force that sustains all that exists. The mineral kingdoms are universal energies.

All members of the mineral kingdom are fully compatible. All crystals function efficiently with other crystals. Natural and polished stones contain the same energy but fabricated stones do not work.

The Laying on of Hands with Stones' technique stimulates the immune system, removes unwanted implants and facilitates the detachment of unwanted entities. In this method, they are not “pulled” from the body but are “pushed” from the body into a black hole filled with white light. Laying on of Hands with Stones can initiate healing, assist in astral travel and help one travel to the center of one's being.

When stating intent during the session, decide precisely what is wanted. Hold this decision emphatically. This will present to the Higher self a solid form to build your future as desired. If you keep changing your intent, the higher self becomes confused. Be specific and give a specific time frame. Then continue to state intent as a daily affirmation.

Cost: $150.00 per person


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