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Inca Medicine Wheel

Next Medicine Wheel meeting in New England

West - January 20, 21, 22, 2017

Experience the Spiritual Wisdom of the Andes!

In these unsettled times, it is important to learn how to heal ourselves
and our communities!

The Inca Medicine Wheel

The Inca Medicine Wheel is an extensive 1-year training process designed to bring you into balance with yourself and all your Relations.

We begin by looking at the stories/identities of whom we think we are, the limiting beliefs we hold, and the ways in which we define the parameters of our reality… Much of the structures we hold within are based on our primal survival nature and our attachment to them keeps us in a place of stagnancy where we feel stuck or trapped. With the archetype of the South, Sachamama; Great Serpent we learn how to release these stories in the way that they shed their skin… in one piece… free of drama and attachment. In this way we open NOW in the present to the miracle of who we may become. The South anchors and grounds our work with Pachamama (mother earth) developing the foundation for the Medicine Wheel within us.

The Wheel turns and we find ourselves in the West, the place of the setting Sun. The West holds the Medicine of the Jaguar/Puma. They who walks fearlessly upon the pachamama. In this direction we utilize ancient ceremonies and traditions to see how we have allowed fear, anger and death to bind us in our lives. We are given the opportunity to go deep into wounds/issues where we have held resentment/pain/trauma, seeing how they have been held in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Overall effecting the blue print of our Soul, known as our luminous body… We change the make up of our luminous body, removing what does not serve our highest good. Allowing us to track fearlessly through the darkness of our souls and awaken our core power.

In the North we connect with the lineage of this tradition, the Apu’s (mountains), the ancestors and Kenti~Hummingbird. They who teach us that even the littlest ones may create miracles. The North of the Wheel is related to midnight in the cycle of our day. It is in this place of absolute silence that we may connect with our intrinsic power…. The divine within. Through recognizing our ability to co-create our life with creator each moment we open the door way to our purpose and our destiny. It is in manifesting the discipline to go inside of ourselves and finding guidance from within that we open to our full potential. The ceremonies of the North nurture your faith in your self to accomplish and become all your heart desires. Teaching you to show up for yourself, becoming the maker of miracles.

The wheel makes its final turn in the East, the place of the rising Sun…The path of the Visionary. The Medicine of Condor guides us through this direction where we fully embody our lives from the perspective of our hearts. Using our true vision to see the full picture… why we are here, the reason we have chosen all of our lives experiences and how these experiences may become the medicine in our personal healing bundles. In the East all of the gifts and lessons we have received through out the process of the wheel catalyze our core cellular shift. We evolve on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as we have completely rewoven the fibers of our luminous body. Now we walk with power as one who co-creates their destiny in balance with all of their relations.

In each direction we work with the Medicine of the earth; the plant people, animal people, Grand Mother Moon, Father Sun, Star brothers and sisters, Creator and the stone people… These stone people become the cuyas (healing stones) that we carry within our Mesa’s, which are added to in each direction. Your Mesa becomes your connection with your personal power and possibilities. Using modern day life skills, ancient ceremonies and initiations you are gifted with all of the tools you need to become your greatest dreams. Your psychic vision and intuitive skills are enhanced and opened to assist you in trusting yourself and what you need to create within your life.

Each direction is a three-day weekend generally running late into the night as we allow the whole cycle of day and night to support our unfolding. We meet monthly to review and celebrate the full moon with a traditional Andean fire ceremony. There are ceremonies and homework assigned between directions to nurture and foster your ability to grow the seeds you are given.

The teachings of the Inca Medicine Wheel are possible because one man Don Manuel Quispe had a vision to share his ancient lineage/tradition with us in Western Culture. In his dying wish he asked Denise Kinch to continue his work of spreading these seeds of possibility so that through the people of the earth,
the earth too may heal.

We honor you Don Manuel and all you have brought to us.

The Inca Medicine Wheel will meet four times within a year for three full days.

A 50% non-refundable deposit will be due for the first workshop upon enrollment.  The balance will be due 1 month before the workshop weekend.  A deposit of $250 will be due at the end of each weekend for the next workshop and Balances will be due 1 month prior to the workshop date. 

Cost : $550.00 per weekend plus room and board

Inca Medicine Wheel Training



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