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Full Moon Fire

Full Moon Fire Ceremony begins at dark with the gathering of the Inca Medicine ayllu and community. Standing in a circle around the fire pit, each with his mesa, rattle and offering, the allyu shares in the opening of sacred space in the traditions of the Andes. The fire keeper lights the fire and tends it during the entire ceremony as we sing the ancient Quechua Pachamama song.

Once it is burning fully, the fire keeper gives three offerings to the fire to bring the ayllu, the ancestors, the elements and the archetypes into ayni or balance. The offerings can be either the best quality olive oil, incense, or even a lock of hair or our breath.

Next, we individually kneel by the fire to breathe our prayers into our gift arrows and then offer them to the center of the fire. (Our gift arrows can be a simple twig or an elaborately created design depending on the need. They are given to the fire to release, to welcome, to give thanks or for any other reason they may be needed.) Then bringing the fire to our three centers, we cleanse and imprint with the elements of the fire.

The fire assists us in our personal transformation. It helps us release what does not serve us and then cleanses us with its sacred smoke. When we surrender and open our hearts to the moment, we connect with the forces of spirit and healing occurs. The connection of fire and the Pachamama, mother earth, helps transform our offerings and raise them to spirit to be heard.

When all the members of the ayllu have completed their individual ceremonies, we pass another gift arrow around for the healing of the Pachamama and for giving thanks for all the gifts she has given us. Each person breathes his prayers into the arrow and it is then gifted to the fire.

We then share in the closing of the sacred circle in the traditional Andean way and ceremony is complete.

Note: Since we are in ceremony in the ancient Andean traditions, The Full Moon Fire Ceremony is only open to students of the Pachamama Healing Center who have studied the Inca Medicine Wheel.

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