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Advanced Inca Medicine Wheel Apprenticeship Training

An in-depth exploration of the Inca Medicine Ways

A Medicine Person lives in honor of the gift life. Carrying medicine for the people, the earth, the universe. As a keeper of the mysteries; as ‘one who knows how,’ one must move with integrity between all worlds, in balance with all that is, was, and ever shall be. Mastering the Self to see beyond the borders of this reality to the timeless truth of what is really happening. The great responsibility of being a key holder for secrets of the universe is absolute embodiment of the truth of your knowing. A test of personal discipline and accountability. Then carrying that knowing into your family, community and world. Acting as a vessel for the potential healing of our universe, internal and external. It is a path of service, free of the entrapments of ego and agenda. It is a path of light, in recognition of the darkness… Honoring the duality of our nature. Our greatest act of power.

Inca Medicine Wheel Apprenticeship training program has been designed to offer you the tools to walk as a medicine person upon the pachamama. It is designed for those Medicine Wheel students who are interested in delving deeper into the teachings of Don Manuel Quispe.

Acceptance into the program is made through the application form (contact me for the forms) as well as interview process. You must also read the book "A Walk Between Worlds, Truth is Beauty, The Q'ero" by Denise A. Kinch.

In this three year program we will work through 9 areas. Personal guidance and direction will be given through monthly meetings and telephone conferences. Assignments will be given with each module and will be due monthly for review.

Any student which has completed the Inca Medicine Wheel has the option to take any module which they have interest in, to deepen the connection and wisdom of that particular training. However to be part of the Apprenticeship program, you must complete each of the trainings.

Each meeting of the Apprenticeship program will meet for three full days.

The last session is by invitation.

Trainings will be held in Seattle, Washington, Alberta, Canada and New England. You may interchange courses between the two locations.

Instructors Denise A. Kinch

Advanced Inca Medicine program participants must have completed the basic Inca Medicine Wheel training and be willing to make a commitment to the three year training program.

For more detailed information please contact PHC.

Price of each meeting is $500.00 USD plus room and board

Inca Medicine Wheel Training


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