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Shop At The Center

Our shopping page is in progress at this time, more to come!

Energy Essences

The Inca Medicine Wheel Essences were created to be a compliment and a reminder of the wisdom, healing and strength of our medicine work. They are an excellent companion to assist us in journey to explore the three worlds; to be with the elementals, the mountains and the archetypes; to sit with Don Manuel in the Q’ero to share his wisdom.

The essences were infused in the moonlight (some in the full moon, some in the new moon) to bring in the energies of the intuitive, the inner knowing. They hold the vibration of all that we know, all that we have been taught – the four directions, the archetypes, the Apus and the ancestors. These essences embrace our becoming. They guide us through our growth. They help to grow the seeds of our karpays.

Inca Medicine Wheel Essences (choose 9 for a set)

Don Manuel – connects us to the wisdom of our teacher, Don Manuel. Be in the Q’ero and feel the love (munay) and community (allyu). Step into your medicine with Don Manuel’s guidance and protection. Reach your destiny.  

Meteorite – brings healing and life transformation; for balancing and aligning the chakras; enhances communication; helps with mental fatigue; strengthens willpower and stamina; gives us a connection to the stars.

 Condor – Feel the freedom of condor. Soar above it all. Don’t get dragged down in the details. There are two condor essences made from Don Martin’s condor. One was infused with the feminine energy of the full moon/lunar eclipse and the other was infused with the masculine energy of the new moon/solar eclipse.  

Sachamama (Serpent) – brings detachment from that which doesn’t serve us; used for rebirthing and renewal; nurturing; for those who are shedding their stories, their pasts; helps one be gentle, yet powerful as they move in the world.

Kente (Hummingbird) – brings pure joy, beauty and strength; no restrictions; doing the impossible; nurturing; helps us learn from our past experiences; “It isn’t always as it seems.”   

Apu Ausangate – solid, grounding masculine energy yet in touch with the feminine; stable and protective; its life hidden within; decisive, powerful and wise; the place where those in the mountain tradition return to at the time of their transition.

Rainbow Lagoon – grounding masculine and feminine energy; yanatin mesentin energy; from the cleansing, healing lagoon of Apu Ausangate; assists in crossing between the worlds; provides direction, purity and clarity of purpose. 

Apu Salcantay - wild feminine energy; expands awareness; awakens the internal fire; stimulates and supports receiving and vulnerability; Call in the salka cat to heal physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Apu Pachatusun – balanced, yanatin mesentin energy; Don Martin sources from and is caretaker of this stable and beautiful mountain.

Apu Colloriti - calm in the midst of chaos; strength, joy, and nourishment from the Pachamama and Inti tyty; celebration of first light of life and community, gratitude for our teachers and our lessons.

Machu Picchu - beauty; feminine innocence; trusting spirit to guide and protect; strength of community.

Apu Pisaq - creativity; ingenuity; seeing the bigger picture; community and sharing; envisioning; respect, stability and grace.

Apu Washington - connects to the wisdom and the grounding of Apu Washington, our birth Apu of the Northeast USA, to allow a releasing of the pain and joy of the past year yet recieving of the gifts from its lessons; helps to clear the stagnation and repair the tears in our energy bodies opening our hearts and releasing what does not serve us, allowing room to maifest our desires. Connecting us to the ancestors who walked on our land before us.

Old Town Hill - helps us see our lower and higher selves, our limitations and our strenghs. It allows us to shed light on and cleanse that which does not serve us; brings us together energetically with our local people for strength, sharing, and support reminding us of the importance of relationship.

Bradford Hill - growth and progress of our inner selves and our communities throught compassion fror the earth and a deep caring for the environment and for other; brings us together energetically with our local people for strength, sharing and support reminding os fof the importance of relationship.

Other Available Essences

Coming soon!


 $10.00 each 1/2 ounce bottle

Shipping and Handling

Order total ....................S&H
Up to $20.00………. $ 5.50
$ 20.01- 30.00……… $ 6.00

$ 30.01- 40.00……... $ 6.50

$ 40.01- 50.00……… $ 7.00

$ 50.01- 75.00……… $ 7.50

$ 75.01- 100.00……. $ 8.25

OVER $100 .00……. $ 10.00

Make checks payable to: PHC

Mail to:
118 King Street
Groveland, MA 01834


About the Artists:

Mercedes Huarhua

Mercedes crafts the most exquisite and finely made jewelry in the Cuzco area.  She comes from a family of artists. Her father was an expert and meticulous stone cutter and silversmith who passed his art on to all of his children.  As well as teaching his children his art, he also provided them all with a conventional education.

Placido, the oldest, is educated as an engineer and has moved to Lima to pursue his passion.

Besenti, 34, is educated in administration, but prefers to work in jewelry and creates the finest of the fine stone work and silversmithing.

Mercedes, 31, designs and creates new ideas and is also responsible for the sale of the jewelry.

Alfredo, 25, is responsible for the stone cutting and inlay of the stones.

Yhuri, a brother in law, has also joined the family business and is a stone cutter and sculpture.

Luis, 32, Mercedes’ husband, an artist in his own right, is also a jewelry designer.

The entire family serves in the family jewelry business in Cuzco, all creating, designing and selling.



Luis, also known to many as Mike, began his art in high school. His talent was noticed by his teachers and quickly encouraged. At age 15 he was already an accomplished and well-known artist in the Cuzco area.

Luis began his art with pencil, quickly learned and mastered watercolor and then went on to oil painting.  Luis does not have a favorite medium to work with. He said he is just happy creating designs portraying the heart of his people and country.

Luis also designs and sells jewelry for the family business.

Mercedes and Luis have been together for about 13 years and have 2 beautiful children, Ezmerelda and Aaron.




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