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Vanishing Cultures Foundation (http://www.VanishingCultures.org/)


Rose Dobosz (rosedobosz@gmail.com)

Kristina Kinch (kristina@kk-acupuncture.com)


Robert Videyko (http://videykochiropractic.com)

Feng Shui

Brian Brogan (www.GreatRiverFengShui.com)


Bonnie Griskevich (superbonbon32@yahoo.com)

Thermal Imaging and Juice Plus products

Janice Anderson (www.insideoutwholisticly.com), (www.juiceplus.com/=ja46668)

Recommended teachers, more coming soon!

East Coast

Elizabeth Kinch - ekinch89@aol.com
Kristine Kinch - kkacupuncture@aol.com
Jen Truppner - padmakente@gmail.com
Rose Dobosz - rosedobosz@@gmail.com
Bonnie Griscovich - superbonbon32@yahoo.com
Dace Krasts - dakrasts@gmail.com
Fillipa Petruccelli - fillipa.pertuccelli@gmail.com
Rachel Shade Button - rachelsakairn@gmail.com
Gail Kolizaras

West Coast

Vivian Aubin - viviancaringforu@gmail.com
Darryl Boyer - Apupaco@outlook.com
Gina Lauvstad - gina@salkahealingcenter.com
Kim Williams Brinck - kim@physicallyfocused.com
Deb Petosa - djtabbycat@msn.com
Joanna Kaye - joanna_kaye@ymail.com
Janet Partlow- jpartlow@aol.com
Cindy Sherbert - csorbet@gmail.com
Barbara Vane - bavane@olympus.net
Barbara Krulich - bkrul@juno.com
Michelle Hartum
Will Hoskins
Barbara Zak
Doris Druin

A Question about teachers.

Many people ask me to come and share my wisdom in their part of the world. I am slowing my schedule down just a bit to enjoy my family and land.  I have spent the last twenty years traveling to teach and support indigenous cultures around the world. I will continue travelling for my training programs.

Any of my certified students are fully qualified to teach, the list is below. If you have a question, please feel free to contact me for a specific referral if they are not on the list below.

I am often asked whom do you recommend for teachers? Well of course I recommend my students first, I know they are well trained and have the experience to hold the sacredness of the space needed for people to heal and not always include their own personal dramas. Of course we use our stories as tools to help others get past a place they are stuck in, however our own stories are not the center of teaching healing work.

My response is always the same, observe the actions of the teacher in as many different situations as you can. Be discerning.
1. Do you like the presentation of the person?
2. Do they speak in terms that you can be around for long periods of time?
3. Do they keep teacher student client boundaries solid, even when the other pushes to be "a sister, mother, lover, from a past life?
4. Does their medicine make sense, do they walk in integrity with the medicine or use it to make money?
5. Do they work with integrity or use their sexuality to manipulate the teachings. Are they always looking to the camera or mirror?
6. Do they respect their teachers or think they are smarted, better, and know more than them?
7.  Do they make you do your work or are they just making you feel good?
8. Have they thrown their past teachings away because they know better, then continue to make money from what they threw away?
9. Do they have a good relationship with past teachers?
10. Do they recognize and honor their past teachers?
10. Check their experience, do they co.... Teach, check with who they work with, that usually means they attended or facilitated. Not actually taught.
11. Do they walk their talk, or just talk the talk, what is their personal life like, do you respect they way they live?
12. What do you walk away with, is it useful in a month, a year, or only a moment?

Here is a list of those I personally highly recommend as teachers for the following trainings.



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