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Other Expeditions

Itu Apu : Apu Washington

In this workshop we will continue with the Inca Medicine Wheel’s work of the North. As a group we will participate in sacred ceremony on the mountain of our birth which is for most of us born in the eastern United States, Mount (Apu) Washington!
Ceremony will include despacho, apacheta building, meditation, journey, fire ceremony, planting our own seeds, connecting to our ceke lines to Apu Washington and working with the energy of the waters coming from Apu Washington. We will also receive the rites of passage from the mountain!
This annual workshop is only available to the Inca Medicine Wheel students who have finished the North direction.
It is a very powerful weekend! I hope you can join us!

My Name is Apu Washington

It is the Great Spirit of the wind that sings a song in the hearts of all whom honor me
I store the lineage of all creation
I will share these seeds with each gift I am given
The ancestors have all been here to speak of wisdom and sacred knowledge
The wind and songs are invisible to some
To others the abundance to feed the seeds is available through simplicity and dedication to keeping the traditions of the ancestors warm in your hearts and in your Mesa’s

…spoken to me by The Spirit of Apu Washington
Jeff Brochu, 2000


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