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Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is an ancient practice for recovering those parts of our essential selves that have been lost as a result of pain or trauma. Soul retrieval has been practiced by Shamans for a thousand generations. It can achieve, in a few sessions, what often takes years to achieve in psychotherapy.

During soul retrieval the healer journeys to the Lower World, the domains associated with the soul, the place Carl Jung describes as the Shadow. Soul retrieval assists in gathering and collecting those parts of ourselves that are enduring and enables us to recover the true life force and spontaneity that we lose to painful memories and the passing of time.

The healer visits the four chambers of the soul. This enables the client to discover the source of their woundedness and to understand the soul promises they have made even before they were born. They will be able to own the source of their passion and bliss and claim the soul treasures they discover and bring them back into the world.

Soul retrieval has been used for millennia to heal ancient worlds and to quantum leap into one’s destiny, into who we are becoming. Miracles happen when you work with the domains of the Sacred.

Soul retrieval is a complex process which takes a number of sessions.

Soul Retrieval involves a committment of 4-5 sessions.
Each session is 1-2 hours long.
Total Cost: $700.00


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