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Karma Release

Karma Release occurs when the physical body rapidly throws off toxic residues during a massive release of past life resonances from cellular memory to support a rapid karmic clearing process.

We of the western world have long believed that the only karma that exists is "bad karma." I imagine this comes from our tendency to think that when good things happen, we are simply experiencing "good luck" and when bad things happen, we are being punished for a sin. In reality, karma is neither good nor bad, but is simply a law based on energy. Karma is the result of having sent out negative energy or positive, loving energy in either this or a previous lifetime. We see this as “good or bad luck” when it is actually good or bad karma coming back to us.

Karma Release is designed to leave the individual permanently changed spiritually. An individual's successful resolution of long standing spiritual issues is what will make him ready for the "next step in his evolution." Karmic release may also bring to the surface talents or skills and abilities one has learned in past lives and that are now needed to complete the present life contract. The overall goal of karmic release is to help an individual to remember consciously what he already knows unconsciously.

During a Karma Release session, the client will lie down surrounded by many healing crystals. The practitioner will lead the client through a guided meditation to help him retrieve any past lives that need to be released. The surrounding crystals will assist the body to rapidly remove toxic residues from past lives. The practitioner will then spiritually and energetically remove the karma as it arises in the body and send it to the highest light. The client should feel no pain but may feel sensations connecting him to each past life, raising the memory of that lifetime as he releases it.

In Karma Release, the body will rapidly throw off toxic residues. Most or all of the means of eliminating waste will be used by the body in an extremely compressed timeframe. Releases can happen anytime but they are usually done at sleep time.

Some or most of the following symptoms could be experienced after a Karma Release during sleep time:

- Rapid Breathing (usually experienced as hyper-ventilating)

- Fecal Urgency (usually experienced as sudden, forceful urination or defecation)

- Vomiting (throwing up undigested food or phlegm through the mouth and/or nose)

- Profuse Sweating (usually experienced as sweat "pouring" out of the body like tears)

- Rapid Ventilating (feeling extremes of heat and cold at different times and in different areas)

- Excessive Flatulence (expelling large amounts of gas)

- Acute Pain (felt as "angina" heart pain or as blinding, migraine headaches)

The best thing to do after a Karma Release session is to surrender to the process, not trying to control or resist it. Often, the client is "out of body" for the worst of the release. He may or may not "hear voices" or "see guides" or "feel his body being transformed.” Know that this process is for the soul’s highest good and will quickly move the client forward in his life.

Each session will last 2-3 hours.

Two session minimum is required.

Total cost: $400.00



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