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Flower Essence

Flower essences hold the healing energy of the flowers, each with its own unique vibration. In taking an essence, a client heals on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Flower essences are catalysts used for moving stagnant energy in the body. They are used for grounding, strengthening, releasing and integrating the body’s energies. The flower essences work very well with and actually enhance other energy work or modes of healing.

Flower essences are created by infusing the flowers into water in either sunlight or moonlight and are then stabilized in brandy or vinegar. They can be taken orally, diffused or simply sprayed into the air. The practitioner will decide the best course of treatment and dosage for the client.

A flower essence session involves an intake (or follow-up intake) of the client’s symptoms on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The practitioner will then make an assessment of the client’s needs and prepare the flower essence at the end of the visit. The client will leave with the dosage bottle and instructions on how to take the essence.

Depending upon the reason for the session, the client and practitioner will decide on a schedule of treatment. A continuing course of treatment is usually the most beneficial.

Reiki is also offered as a complement at the end of the flower essence session. Reiki provides another way for the energy body to heal. The life force energy of Reiki coupled with the catalyst power of flower essence therapy can be a powerful pathway to personal growth.

fee: $100. per session





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