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Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is an ancient practice having been used in every known civilization since time began. Many ancient cities used crystals in the tombs of their rulers and in the foundation of their cities and many of their kings and high priests used crystals in their breastplates all for alignment, protection, healing, psychic abilities, wisdom and insight.

The steady vibration of crystals sets the standard for the pristine, natural notes of the human body. Crystals provide one of the most fixed, stable frequencies known to us. By introducing this strong vibration into your energy field, the practitioner is able to facilitate balance and cleanse any negative energy believed to feed illness directing the flow of vibrational energy to realign and amplify the energy of a particular part of your body.

During a crystal healing session, we use a variety of crystals, gemstones and/or meteorites that are placed on and around your body based on your consultation. Sometimes we will use a crystal that is the same color as a chakra to enhance and clear its energy. Other times crystals of various colors are randomly placed where we feel they will clear blocked energies.

Your healing session will be in a comfortable, relaxed setting and will last from 1 to 1 ½ hours.

Cost per session: $150.00


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