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Welcome to the
Pachamama Healing Center

a community healing center for people and animals


Full Moon Fire Ceremony
Tuesday April 11, 2017, at 7:30 pm at PHC
Snacks welcome!
Groveland, MA 01834

Solstice Despacho Ceremony
Thank you for a wonderful Ceremony and Fire!

A A note to my Ayllu:note to my students

Many years ago, Don Manuel Quispe was asked to do a coca leaf reading about the United States. This was before he ever came to the USA and just looked at a map, he had never seen one before, and really did not understand this piece of paper in front of him.

Don Manuel believed everything and everyone was equal. He saw no difference in any beings and all were part of the universe equally. Energy manifests as humans, flowers, rocks....all the same energy, just organized differently. He believed in the star people of many different levels, some living deep within the earth, others out in the galaxies. He knew many galaxies beyond galaxies, knowing we were not the only beings in this vast universe and beyond.

He taught us about a pachacuti, a time when everything went into total chaos for a period of time, flipped upside down,and when it was over, everything would be in perfect harmony, and it should be. This was actually named after the great Inca King Pachacutek, who changed the tarwantinsuyu from an aggressive people to a peaceful cooperative nation.

So back to the reading, Don Manuel said that the USA and the entire planet of earth, would have a great pachacuti. This world would end as we know it.The world would not blow up however the world change as we know it, for the better. Not only our physical world of earth, also our physical bodies.

Sooooo......we all thought the pachacuti was going to be in 2001, with all the concern about technology and the world events, much fear was in the world. And some people believed that was the pachacuti Don Manuel spoke of. However, I believe we are in the middle of that Pachacuti right now. As I look around the world, everything is in disarray. Our president elect is bringing out every shadow that has been buried for many many years. He is showing us how gullible the American people are just believing past elected officials were here to help the people. He is putting the light on those who have been hiding behind their elected offices. He is showing us how many will just follow anyone in power, or with a lot of money. Some feel financial wealth means power. He is showing us the prejudices many American people were oblivious too. Good, bad or indifferent, it is happening. Our eyes are being opened and for many people the rose colored glasses are being taken away. The world is also changing because our elected incoming president is an unknown person. The world has always known how to relate to presidents, how to manipulate their weakness and strengths....not this guy. I have never seen such fear at a world level because of one man.....change is coming, we are in need of change on so many levels, and change is good.

As I prepare to teach the West direction next month, the direction of death, the direction to step beyond anger and fear, to learn to step between worlds....I realized by sharing Don Manuel's teachings, we have been preparing for this all along. The Inca Medicine Wheel I have been teaching for many years has been about preparing for the time we are in right now. So right now, remember the teachings you have been taught. I would like to commend all, of you who have walked the walk, not just talking the talk. I am honored to have you all in my life.

So what do we do?
Don Manuel always told me to never get caught in mob mentality, to always stand as a medicine person with the strength of the Apu's behind you. To stay calm and quiet in times of chaos. Always be prepared and be independent. If you do that, people will recognize that and follow your lead. Be the strength of family and community. Do not judge others actions, many people will not survive the pachacuti, those who do will be of like mind. And the world will become a wonderful place.

We all have our journeys, we as healers know we cannot change or fix anyone. We must live our lives with grace and integrity, from our heart. Others may not like us, that's ok. We cannot live lives of drama or victims. Others don't know how not to be in drama or as victims. That's their choice. Do not let yourself get caught by them, you will be blamed for everything in their lives. They love their stories...we know it's only a story they need as an excuse for not living. They will try to engage you, stand strong.

I ask you all to be careful and gentle with yourselves. Stay away from large public gatherings. Be prepared for everything without going into fear. Make sure you have an alternative heat source, or know where you can go if necessary. Have food in storage, water, cash, medical supplies, extra prescriptions if possible, whatever you think you cannot live without, including supplies for your pets. And believe this or not, I am telling you....have some form of protection....it may be as simple as 3 dobermans.....
Take care of yourselves, and may we all have a great NEW YEAR ahead. Change is coming. May all your dreams come true!


Inca Medicine Wheel Training

West, January 20,21,22, 2017

North, May 19 - 21, 2017

East, September 15 - 17, 2017

$250.00 Deposit due December 15, 2016

go to: Workshops then Inca Medicine Wheel, paypal, check or cash

Experience the Spiritual Wisdom of the Andes!

In these unsettled times, it is important to learn how to heal ourselves
and our communities!

The Inca Medicine Wheel is an extensive 1-year training process designed to bring you into balance with yourself and all your Relations.

We begin by looking at the stories/identities of whom we think we are, the limiting beliefs we hold, and the ways in which we define the parameters of our reality… Much of the structures we hold within are based on our primal survival nature and our attachment to them keeps us in a place of stagnancy where we feel stuck or trapped. With the archetype of the South, Sachamama; Great Serpent we learn how to release these stories in the way that they shed their skin… in one piece… free of drama and attachment. In this way we open NOW in the present to the miracle of who we may become. The South anchors and grounds our work with Pachamama (mother earth) developing the foundation for the Medicine Wheel within us.

The Wheel turns and we find ourselves in the West, the place of the setting Sun. The West holds the Medicine of the Jaguar/Puma. They who walks fearlessly upon the pachamama. In this direction we utilize ancient ceremonies and traditions to see how we have allowed fear, anger and death to bind us in our lives. We are given the opportunity to go deep into wounds/issues where we have held resentment/pain/trauma, seeing how they have been held in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Overall effecting the blue print of our Soul, known as our luminous body… We change the make up of our luminous body, removing what does not serve our highest good. Allowing us to track fearlessly through the darkness of our souls and awaken our core power.

In the North we connect with the lineage of this tradition, the Apu’s (mountains), the ancestors and Kenti~Hummingbird. They who teach us that even the littlest ones may create miracles. The North of the Wheel is related to midnight in the cycle of our day. It is in this place of absolute silence that we may connect with our intrinsic power…. The divine within. Through recognizing our ability to co-create our life with creator each moment we open the door way to our purpose and our destiny. It is in manifesting the discipline to go inside of ourselves and finding guidance from within that we open to our full potential. The ceremonies of the North nurture your faith in your self to accomplish and become all your heart desires. Teaching you to show up for yourself, becoming the maker of miracles.

The wheel makes its final turn in the East, the place of the rising Sun…The path of the Visionary. The Medicine of Condor guides us through this direction where we fully embody our lives from the perspective of our hearts. Using our true vision to see the full picture… why we are here, the reason we have chosen all of our lives experiences and how these experiences may become the medicine in our personal healing bundles. In the East all of the gifts and lessons we have received through out the process of the wheel catalyze our core cellular shift. We evolve on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as we have completely rewoven the fibers of our luminous body. Now we walk with power as one who co-creates their destiny in balance with all of their relations.

In each direction we work with the Medicine of the earth; the plant people, animal people, Grand Mother Moon, Father Sun, Star brothers and sisters, Creator and the stone people… These stone people become the cuyas (healing stones) that we carry within our Mesa’s, which are added to in each direction. Your Mesa becomes your connection with your personal power and possibilities. Using modern day life skills, ancient ceremonies and initiations you are gifted with all of the tools you need to become your greatest dreams. Your psychic vision and intuitive skills are enhanced and opened to assist you in trusting yourself and what you need to create within your life.

Each direction is a three-day weekend generally running late into the night as we allow the whole cycle of day and night to support our unfolding. We meet monthly to review and celebrate the full moon with a traditional Andean fire ceremony. There are ceremonies and homework assigned between directions to nurture and foster your ability to grow the seeds you are given.

The teachings of the Inca Medicine Wheel are possible because one man Don Manuel Quispe had a vision to share his ancient lineage/tradition with us in Western Culture. In his dying wish he asked Denise Kinch to continue his work of spreading these seeds of possibility so that through the people of the earth, the earth too may heal.

We honor you Don Manuel and all you have brought to us.



New Puppy Kindergarten and Beginner Dog Obedience Training Class!
Wednesday nights
Tova Training Center in Raymond, NH!
Call for more information

The Question about finding a good teacher.

I am often asked whom do you recommend for teachers? Well of course I recommend my students first, I know they are well trained and have the experience to hold the sacredness of the space needed for people to heal and not always include their own personal dramas. We use our stories as tools to help others get past a place they are stuck in, however our own stories are not the center of teaching healing work.

Any of my certified students are fully qualified to teach, the list is below. If you have a question, please feel free to contact me for a referral if they are not on the list below.

My response is always the same, observe the actions of the teacher in as many different situations as you can. Be discerning.
1. Do you like the presentation of the person?
2. Do they speak in terms that you can be around for long periods of time?
3. Do they keep teacher student client boundaries solid, even when the other pushes to be "a sister, mother, lover, from a past life"?
4. Does their medicine make sense, do they walk in integrity with the medicine or use it to make money, and then tell you how much money they make?
5. Do they work with integrity or use their sexuality to manipulate the teachings. Are they always looking to the camera or mirror?
6. Do they respect their teachers or think they are smarted, better, and know more than them?
7.  Do they make you do your work or are they just making you feel good?
8. Have they thrown their past teachings away because they know better, then continue to make money from those teachings they threw away?
9. Do they have a good relationship with past teachers?
10. Do they recognize and honor their past teachers?
10. Check their experience, do they "co".... teach, check with who they work with, that usually means they attended or facilitated. Not having the wisdom to teach yet.
11. Do they walk their talk, or just talk the talk, what is their personal life like, do you respect they way they live?
12. What do you walk away with, is it useful in a month, a year, or only a moment?
13. Is the teacher human....no one is perfect so do not expect perfection, Expectations alway create disappointments.

Honor the person you decide to be your teacher, however do not have your teacher on a pedestal. A good teacher will walk at your side, not in front of you or behind you.

Here is a list of those I personally highly recommend as teachers for the following trainings, the contact information will be on the links page :

Inca Medicine Wheel
Reiki, Laying of Hands, Laying of Stones
Soul Retrieval, Crystal Healing
House/ Space Clearing, Integrated Healing
Journey work, Protection work, Plant Spirit Medicine

East Coast
Elizabeth Kinch
Kristina Kinch
Jen Truppner
Rose Dobosz
Bonnie Griscovich
Dace Krasts
Fillipa Petrucelli
Rachel Shade Button

West Coast
Vivian Aubin
Darryl Boyer
Gina Lauvstad
Kim Williams-Brinck
Deb Petosa
Joanna Kaye
Janet Patrow
Cindy Sherbert
Barbara Vane
Barbara Krulich
Will Hoskins
Michelle Hartum
Barbara Zak
Doris Drouin

A note from Denise

Shaman is a Turkic word originating from shaman or shay men.  It describes an individual who acts as an intermediary between the realms of the visible world and the invisible world of spirit for the purposes gaining information and healing an individual or the community. This shaman restores the community and/or physical bodies to balance and wholeness and mends the soul resulting in the elimination of ailments and disharmony.  The first recorded shamans were women in Czeck republic, dating back to the Upper Paleolithic or stone age, dating back 50,000 years ago. 

These are questions I am repeatedly asked. For many years I have avoided that description because of the many negative connotations associated with that word and technically speaking the word “shaman” belongs to the Siberian indigenous tradition.  However, in our modern culture the words “shaman” and “shamanism” have been used to describe the vast array of indigenous spiritual traditions. The word “shamanism”, as it has come to be known, describes my work perfectly. I am a shamanic practitioner.  I include indigenous training in my healing sessions and I teach indigenous traditions. My particular tradition does not use the word shaman or shamanism.  The word used is paq'o.  However a healer is a healer whatever the name or title.  Many people do not know what a paq'o is but they may know what a shaman is!  I find using the word “shamanism” helps people have a better understanding of what I do as a
healing practitioner and teacher.

Check out this Video!YEAH!!!
more to come on the articles page....

Peru Expedition 2011- 2016 and VCF Expedition with Jonathan Rose with photos is now under articles!

Available Now Two books by Denise A. Kinch!

Available through your local bookstore’s order desk or at these
online bookstores: Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com,
and Xlibris.com or by phone at 1-888-795-4274 ext. 7879

Available in USA, Canada, Europe!

Promises to Peru, Remembering the Sacred

Promises.... that is what this book is about. Making promises and then keeping them, no matter how large or how small. It is about keeping your word, something that is lacking more and more in this world. If we do not keep our word, what else is there. This book is about keeping promises despite the difficulties.

This book documents the work of Vanishing Cultures Foundation, Inc. VCF provides a variety of services to the indigenous people of Peru. Providing Don Manuel Quispe with living and medical care until his death in 2004. Bringing medical teams and veterinary supplies to the Q'ero villages and the Cuzco region. VCF provided funding to build schools, training and education, teachers, health centers, health education, community kitchens fully packed with cooking tools, special programs for individual students, providing home and support for Q'ero children to attend school in Cuzco. VCF has provided Christmas celebrations to village children. This book is to recognize the heartfelt work of volunteers who assisted in delivering the supplies to Peru. Especially to recognize the Americcan students, who collected school supplies for the last 12 years, donating everything from pennies to pencils.

A Walk Between Worlds, Truth is Beauty, The Q'ero

Imagine moving through the veil of time, arriving in the Andes mountains 600 years past. This could be the village of Chua Chua or Yawacancha, home of the Q’ero nation of Peru. The beauty is that these villages are the same now as they were in the times of their grandfathers, grandfathers... The people who make them their home, walk in the footsteps of their ancestors each day.

A Walk Between the Worlds is the first book to explore the cultural traditions of the Q’ero Mountain people from their perspective. They have lived in remote elevations in the Andes Mountains since pre-Inca times. This isolation from the modern world has created a powerful community, honoring the value of each individual as an integral part of the whole. They are a living example of ‘being’ the balance between Heaven and Earth. This is the story of the master weavers, and how they have woven their relationship with the universe into the fabric of their being, in harmony with all their relations.

Their are over 200 professional photographs, opening your heart and spirit to the stark beauty of their landscape and the simplicity of these people.

Meet Denise Kinch, Humanitarian, Healer, Explorer and Modern day Medicine Woman. Her path to find the root of the healing tradition she was studying in the USA led her to meet Don Manuel Quispe, Healer and Altomesayok of the Q’ero Indians of Peru. A Walk Between the Worlds shares the stories or their time together, and the powerful messages Don Manuel has to share with those open to hearing them.

In her adventures in the high Andes and conversations with the elders of the Q’ero, Denise came across some suprising information. Many of the stories that have been taught in the west for the last 20 years about the Q’ero Nation are completely made up! She searched and searched to find validation for what she had been taught, and was in fact teaching herself only to come up continuously against walls saying ‘ this is not so’. After years of investigation and time spent with the people of the Q’ero in their villages she decided to put together this book. Upon his death bed in 2004 Don Manuel Quispe asked her to please tell the truth of his people…And so she is….

This womans single-handed desire to bring us the pure form of this tradition has sent her to numerous sacred lagoons, Mountains and villages. She has gone blindly through blizzards and up mountains into completely foreign territory, guided by faith alone. She has truly walked the walk and learned how to embody this tradition. It is who she has become.

What a gift that she has chosen to share it with us!

" And you can quote me on this, I believe that you more than anyone I know has made a difference in the lives, dreams and hopes of the Q'ero nation. You've done a great job, my dear, even if others don't want to recognize it. Spirit does. "

~Blessings, Alberto Villoldo

Or order from www.xlibris.com, www.Barnesandnoble.com, www.Amazon.com,
or your local bookstore, ISBN 978-1-4415-3383-8

please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.

Click here for Book reviews



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